Sh*tty Name, Great Deal: Dierya Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Slips to All-Time Low Price

Dierya x Kemove Keyboard
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Amazon is full of electronics brands with crappy names, but solid products. Dierya,nwhose name we just have to pronounce like this is a Pepto Bismol commercial, is a brand that makes wireless mechanical keyboards which don't appear to stink at all.

Today, in honor of brown... err Black Friday deals season, the company has an explosive sale on its 66-key, RGB  Bluetooth Kemove series keyboard. Reduced from $79 to $53.20 for Prime members only (be sure to hit the coupon button), this keyboard comes with your choice of blue, red or (most appropriately) brown Gateron-brand switches.

The Dierya x Kemove has a number of fun features you normally don't find on wireless mechanical keyboards in this price range. 

Dierya Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard: was $79 now $53 @Amazon

Dierya Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard: was $79 now $53 @Amazon
Despite its execrable name, this wireless mechanical keyboard has some great features, including RGB lighting, three profiles, hot-swappable switches and a thumb-accessible function key. Available with your choice of blue, red or brown switches. Click the coupon button. Only Prime Members are eligible for this blowout deal.

  • Bluetooth 5.1: This up-to-date version of Bluetooth promises smooth connections from reasonable distances. So yes, you can be "sitting in the gutter" this device should connect like butter to your PC.
  • Hot-swappable switches. If you want to change the key feel , you can buy your own switches and replace the blue, brown or red Gateron switches that come this keyboard, no soldering required.

Dierya x Kemove Keyboard

(Image credit: Dierya / Amazon)
  • Wired or wireless: You can use this as Bluetooth 5.1 or plug it into your PC via USB-C. 
  • 3 Bluetooth profiles: A key combo lets you switch and use this with up to three different devices.
  • Water-Resistant: The circuit board is IPX4 certified so it should survive spills. 
  • Dual spacebar design: The spacebar is split in two and the right side spacebar can be used as a function key if you wish.
  • 8-hour battery life: With its 1,900 mAh battery, the keyboard is rated for 8 hours of unplugged use. 
  • Microphone for RGB effects: I've never heard of this before, but it sounds really cool. There's a built-in mic that the system can use to make the keys "dance" to music or other audio in the room. 

Dierya x Kemove Software

(Image credit: Dierya / Amazon)

There's also a dedicated "Dierya x Kemove" app that lets you control the the RGB lighting effects and the macro functions. You can customize five RGB effects of your own or use five built-in effects.

Based on the positive user reviews and unique feature set, this is one case of Dierya we'd like to get. But if you want to catch this deal, you better act fast, because the sale price is likely to be flushed away by the end of the day.

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