WD's 18TB external hard drive is on sale for an incredible $199 — only 1 penny per GB — and it's shuckable

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If you're looking for a massive storage volume and aren't concerned about the fastest performance, or if you're willing to take a bit of a risk and "shuck" the drive, this WD Easystore 18TB hard drive deal is for you — Best Buy has the 18TB drive on sale for a mere $199 for Cyber Monday. That's half the normal pricing and works out to a mere penny for each gigabyte of storage. It's even $10 less than the smaller 16TB model, making this a fantastic deal.

This drive is particularly popular for those who "shuck" drives. This process involves popping the case apart to remove the underlying 18TB HDD and then installing it in a PC or NAS, just like a normal drive. This tactic takes advantage of the lower pricing of external HDDs — which are significantly less expensive than drives designed for PCs and NAS — to score a drive to use inside a PC or NAS (there are a multitude of guides online that detail how to accomplish this feat). If you aren't familiar with the practice, you probably shouldn't do it, as it voids your warranty. Regardless, this is a popular use case for this specific model. 

For those looking for the traditional use case of employing this drive for backup or archival data, this external 18TB HDD attaches to your system via a USB 3.0 interface with a Micro-USB Type B connector, so you should keep your performance expectations in check — WD doesn't list a performance rating because you'll be limited by the speed of the 5Gb/s USB cable. The enclosure comes with an AC adaptor to power the enclosure. 

WD Easystore 18TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive: now $199 at Best Buy

WD Easystore 18TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive: now $199 at Best Buy (was $404)
You can grab a fast 18TB of 7,200-RPM HDD storage right now for a mere $199.99, which is far less than what you would pay for the drive inside if it was sold separately. This drive is also shuckable. 

Again, popping the drive out of its enclosure will void the two-year warranty that comes standard with the device, so proceed at your own risk.  

With most external drive enclosures, you can find out which drive the vendor uses, but WD uses white-label drives of varying types for this enclosure, so there's no real telling what lies beneath the sleek black enclosure. These drives are known to come in both 5,400- and 7,200-RPM flavors, which is only important if you shuck the device, but there is a bit of lottery involved to get the faster variant. 

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  • carl_carlson
    TL;DR: I'm salty that I missed out on this deal despite seeing this just 3hrs after it posted.

    The "long-format" version:
    As mentioned, I saw this article a mere 3 hours after it was posted but it was already unavailable. I don't know why I bother clicking on tech deals, as 9 times out of 10, they don't show up in my feed for 2-3 days after publishing, and by then the promo is history≈95% of the time. As added salt in the wound, on the rare occasion I'm privy (much) sooner, I still come up short, as evidenced by this deal in particular.

    I'm especially salty about this one because not only did I think for sure that with only 3 hours elapsing I'd be able to take advantage of the deal, but I also happen to be in the market for a couple of large external hard drives and it doesn't get any better than 18TB@$200, which is by far the best price per GB/TB I've seen in a long time. Maybe ever.

    I bought two 10 TB WD external HDDS (iirc, Elements model) about 5-6 years ago. One is still sealed in OG packaging, but the other is ≈800GB from full. I got those for $160 a piece and thought that was a pretty decent deal and considering that even after making the 10TB Elements purchases right up until now, I've been passively watching data storage price trends and occasionally diving by deeper (in hopes of finally putting a proper backup solution in place) but never saw anything close enough to motivate me to buy, it was a decent deal. BUT 18TB for only $40 more than I paid for 10 is a "bonkers-absolute-MUST-BUY-right-fricken-now" deal

    I'm considering 20 @ $280 and Newegg has 18 @ 230 but it's also sold out. Unclear if backordering still allows one to get the promo price even after stock is still payed
  • abitaman205
    I have tried since noon today and can't get the deal....seems like Tom needs to be a little quicker in getting the news out.
  • popatim
    HAHA - This was sold out before this was even posted. I tried to mention it in the HDD best BF deals but guess what didn't go thru. The author locked the thread years ago and just keeps re-editing it, the article, with many useless sales that were expired or sold out.
  • JeffreyP55
    Admin said:
    The WD Easystore 18TB hard drive is on sale for a mere $199, which is half the normal pricing and works out to a mere penny for each gigabyte of storage.

    Holy Shuck! WD's 18TB external hard drive is on sale for an incredible $199 — only 1 penny per GB — and it's shuckable : Read more
    Aw, no more drives available. I still have a full height 5.25" 10 Meg MFM Seagate ST412 drive sitting around somewhere. It cost over $1500.00 or more (I don't remember) for 10 megs. Not for sale.. LoL