Intel Stakes Its Vision of the PC Future with 775 Launch

More Networking: Intel Wireless Connect Technology

Look at how easy it is to set up your wireless.

Intel has integrated wireless networking into the chipsets in a big way. The Intel 925X/915 chipsets not only give consumers built-in Wi-Fi, but also the ability to make a wireless access point in software. Why is this significant? You will no longer have to buy a separate hardware access point for your networks. Simply use the PC as your Wireless Access Point. Wireless identification and security setup has also been simplified.

Very simple SSID setup

The SSID setup provides a unified way of setting up the SSID of your WAP. You will no longer have to learn and get used to the interfaces of different manufacturers (Linksys, Netgear, SMC, etc).

Wizard based wireless security setup

A big concern about wireless is security. THG has demonstrated the vulnerability of wireless networks in previous articles such as Warflying and Wardriving:Taipei . Typically, consumers have not bothered to turn on security because it has been too difficult to configure. With the simple security setup, you no longer have that excuse. One thing to remember is the Intel design requires a PCI WLAN radio module which won't be available until Q3.