Intel Stakes Its Vision of the PC Future with 775 Launch

Storage Subsystem Benchmarks

RAID Benchmarks

Here we take a look at the RAID performance, including benchmarks for Matrix RAID.

Iometer comment:

For all types of sever-like tasks, there is absolutely no competition for 10,000 rpm drives. Maxtor obviously did not consider server applications when implementing NCQ.

Winmarks comment:

Here we go! Maxtor's new MaXLine III hard drive with NCQ manages to outperform its competitors in the Winbench business and highend applications benchmark. We need to defend the Seagate 7200.7 here: The NCQ drive was a very early prototype and certainly does not represent the performance level that could be reached today - see Maxtor.

Coretest comment:

Native Serial ATA finally pays off. The MaXLine III is the first drive that manages to surpass the bandwidth of UltraATA/133. As the protocol overhead is usually quite large, a 133 MB/s interface would never be able to transfer more than 120 MB/s of user data - that is why I talk about surpassing.