Intel Stakes Its Vision of the PC Future with 775 Launch

925X Express Chipset

The 925X is Intel's flagship product that is supposed to be paired with the Pentium 4 Processor 560 and the Extreme Edition at 3.4 GHz. All the other versions except for FSB 533 models will work equally well, of course. In order to accentuate the exclusiveness of this chipset, it does not support any other FSB speed except 200 MHz (FSB 800).

A feature called Enhanced Memory Pipelining is supposed to increase the saturation of each of the two memory channels. Unfortunately, the performance increase is even smaller than the difference between 875P and 865PE, although the technical information sounds promising. See graphics below and benchmarks later on.

Intel allows for maintenance commands to be inserted into the standard data paths. In addition, the data storage algorithm is flexible in order to optimize access time.