Intel Stakes Its Vision of the PC Future with 775 Launch

Game Benchmarks

UT 2004

The latest version of the popular first person shooter. We tested at highest graphics details with our own timedemo.

The 128 bit add on cards offer sufficient performance for gaming at 800x600. The i915G is much better than i865G, but the average FPS is too low, even in 800x600.

Quake 3 Team Arena

Quake 3 is a quite an old title nowadays, so it's a good indicator of how the graphics processors work with older games.

The performance of the i915G in the OpenGL game Quake3 is disappointing. It's fast enough to play the game at these settings, but the Quake3 is a rather old title. Even the 64 bit FX 5200 is much faster here.