Intel Stakes Its Vision of the PC Future with 775 Launch


The good news is: The DirectX 9 game Halo actually runs with the older i865G. The bad news: There is nothing here that we could call image quality. So we did not include its results in our charts. The image quality of the 915G made a good impression, but further detail tests are needed in order for us to reach a final conclusion.

Missing textures... missing everything. 865G looks like an old b/w. We did not modify the shot!

We tested both, PS1.1 as well as PS2.0 with the standard benchmark mode of Halo.

The 915G is on par with the desktop cards in Halo running with PS 1.1 - at unplayable frame rates.

The i915G is faster than the FX 5200 with PS 2.0 but it's not a real victory. The average frame rate is too low.