Intel Stakes Its Vision of the PC Future with 775 Launch

Far Cry

We were not able to get the Intel 865G to run with the graphics-hungry DirectX 9 title Far Cry. Its 3D technology is way outdated for this modern game. We tested it at medium quality settings (no flashlight), since none of the tested hardware is capable of running the game at the very high quality setting used for our normal tests. The 915G did fine in most cases, but there were still some rendering errors:

Water is not rendered correctly in the Cooler levelr.

The i915G is on par with the 64 bit FX 5200 at medium graphics settings. Not bad for an integrated graphics solution.

Benchmark charts can be misleading, depending on the detail settings used. So we decided to show the performance 915G with very high quality setting used in our standard tests (we used them for our previous X800 and GF 6800 reviews). We compared it with the PCI Express cards X600XT and X800 XT (not PE! The PCIe X800 XT is runs at 500/500).

This is real life, or what gamers understand as gaming experience. At very high graphics settings with flashlight in Far Cry, the i915G is light years away from the performance of current 3D gaming cards.

  1. Intel's 775 Launch Mixes Ambition With A Strong Aftertaste
  2. First Contact
  3. Obstacles And Hurdles
  4. More Findings
  5. New Socket: LGA 775
  6. LGA 775 Processor Installation
  7. LGA 775 Processor Installation, Continued
  8. LGA 775 Processor Installation, Continued
  9. MSI's CPU Installation Tool
  10. Transitional Products
  11. Poor Thing: Intel Reference Cooler
  12. New Processors: P4 Prescott Up To 3.6 GHz
  13. Specification Overview
  14. Model And Pricing Information
  15. Processor Overview
  16. New Chipsets: 925X, 915G, 915P, 915GV
  17. New Chipsets: 925X, 915G, 915P, 915GV, Continued
  18. 925X Express Chipset
  19. 915G Express Chipset
  20. 915G Express Chipset, Continued
  21. 915G Express Chipset, Continued
  22. 915P Express Chipset
  23. Chipset Devices
  24. Intel Puts The Lock On Overclocking
  25. How To Unlock The Overclocking Lock
  26. New Memory: DDR2-533, Continued
  27. DDR2 Memory Vendors
  28. Intel Flex Memory Technology
  29. New Interlink: PCI Express
  30. More SATA, More RAID, More Ports
  31. Matrix RAID
  32. Creating A RAID Array
  33. More HD Performance For Free: Command Queuing
  34. More Networking: Intel Wireless Connect Technology
  35. New Audio: High Definition Audio
  36. Asus P5AD2 Premium
  37. Foxconn 925A01
  38. Test Setup
  39. Benchmarks And Settings
  40. Platform Benchmarks
  41. DirectX 8 Benchmarks
  42. DirectX 8 Benchmarks, Continued
  43. DirectX 9 Benchmarks, Continued
  44. Video Benchmarks
  45. Video Benchmarks, Continued
  46. Application Benchmarks
  47. Application Benchmarks, Continued
  48. Synthetic Benchmarks
  49. Synthetic Benchmarks, Continued
  50. Processor Power Consumption
  51. Integrated Graphics Benchmarks
  52. Game Benchmarks
  53. Halo
  54. Far Cry
  55. Video Performance
  56. Networking Benchmarks
  57. Storage Subsystem Benchmarks
  58. Conclusion
  59. A Final Note
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