The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

Aspire X-Superalien, Continued

Internally, the X-Superalien has some unique channel room that is between the non-windowed side panel just behind the 3.5" hard drive cage. This allows a user to channel some of the unsightly wiring away from outside view through the side panel window of the case. The case also features a swing-out, windowed side panel that is lockable. The acrylic window is attached to the case using a plastic washer/ rivet system. While the side panel seemed sufficiently secure using this methodology, we think Aspire could improve the window attachment technique in future case upgrades. In the windowed side panel, you will find one of the six translucent, UV-reactive, blue, 80 mm case fans. This particular fan is affixed to the side panel window using the same sort of fastener technique as the window.

In the sample unit that we received from Aspire, one of the washer rivets that secures the window to the side panel was missing. While this did not cause any problems, it is an indication that Aspire should revisit the methodology used to attach the window to the side panel. Further, Aspire did not use plastic or paper covering protection over the see-through window. This is a small detail, but it does help prevent damage and scratch marks to the window while it is in transit.

The six 80 mm fan setup in the X-Superalien provides sufficient cooling for even the most extreme enthusiasts; however, with all six fans running, we found this case to be a bit noisy. The noise was not terrible, but it was measurably audible. Normally included with this case is a see-through, UV-reactive, lighted power supply. We will test this power supply in a future power supply review to find out more of the specifics.

A look at the front port configuration of the X-Superalien. You can also see the temp display, as well as the dials that can be used to control the fan speed.

The front of the X-Superalien features two front-mounted USB/ audio/ 1394 front-mounted ports, located directly under the display for the fan controls and temperature display. It is clear from the design and the bezel of this case that Aspire has borrowed many of the concepts found in today's popular cases. This isn't a bad thing, but it limits the X-Superalien's ability to stand out in an already-crowded arena of similar cases offering many of the same features as the X-Superalien. The suggested retail price of the case hovers in the $190 US price range. Some may be turned off by its overly retro outside look, but the X-Superalien does have a lot to offer many users. This case is currently available in seven colors, which will appeal to many consumers and enthusiasts. Overall, the X-Superalien is not a bad case, but it just doesn't feature enough new innovations for us to get overly excited about it.