The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

Chenbro Xpider ("Gaming Bomb") PC61166, Continued

Another interesting feature is the side panel that is cut in a unique design. The uniqueness is found in the way the acrylic is slightly inset to give the side panel a very uniform and smooth appearance. This has its own issues, as Chenbro used an industrial strength, two-sided tape to affix the acrylic to the side panel. While this provides a better overall appearance from the outside of the case, it could potentially lead to some problems later on as this double-sided tape material ages. Still, it is obviously an interesting and unique design that gives Chenbro a very distinct look. One additional note about the acrylic on the side panel: we would like to see Chenbro use some sort of plastic or paper to help protect both the inside and the outside of the acrylic on the panel while the case is in transit. Neither of our Chenbro Xpider sample cases featured any type of protective coating or packing protections for the side panels, and one of the panels arrived scratched when we unpacked it. This is something that buyers should make note of and inspect until Chenbro alters its packing procedure accordingly.

The Xpider has two minor (or major) sacrifices, depending on your perspective: it has only one externally accessible 3.5" bay. Thus, users with a second 3.5" device will be forced to either use a 5.25" to 3.5" adapter frame and mount the device in a 5.25" bay, or abandon the second 3.5" device altogether. Another potential sacrifice is the lack of an external reset button on the case. Some people never use this button; but the Xpider only features a power on and off switch. Depending on how you view it, this can be either a major inconvenience or a missing feature you never used anyway. While both of these inconveniences are minor, either one could potentially be a turnoff to some buyers.

As you can see, the Xpider has all of the required ports mounted in the front of the case. In this close-up, you can get a better look at the large intake grill area that makes up the front of the unit. Not a bad arrangement at all.

Overall, the Chenbro Xpider is a marvelous case. It does so many things right. The beauty of the Xpider doesn't come into focus clearly until you discover the price tag. We have seen the Xpider on the Internet without power supply for as low as $50 US. While not all retailers sell the Xpider for $50, prices of $70 US or less are not uncommon. When you consider how aggressively priced the Xpider is compared to other cases in the same class, it really stands out as an exceptional value with excellent looks and unique features. We enthusiastically recommend the Xpider for purchase whether you are a gamer, an enthusiast or just a regular home or office user. Some may find its look too aggressive, but all that is needed to make this a tremendously exciting looking case is the addition of a cold cathode light. Offering beauty, "sexiness," an affordable price, and innovative features, the Xpider is an excellent option.