The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

Atech STK6551, Continued

The STK6551 is still as heavy as its predecessor. Because of the steel construction combined with acrylic, this case weighs in at heavyweight level. Thankfully, Atech included the same handy, built-in handle on the top of this case for its transport. Due to its structural design, this case exhibits no bend or twist. The case is rock solid, and probably could endure most major accidents. As we mentioned in our review of the AFT6551, its biggest pitfall is the potential to crack the acrylic by dropping the case on a concrete surface. Construction and quality of the case are first rate. Atech uses a rolled design to protect the edges of the case internally; however, we noticed that several of the corners could still be a little more blunted to help avoid potential injury.

One more side note in comparison to the previously reviewed AFT6551: the STK6551 does not include the Atech Pro III Multiformat Flash Card Reader. From our understanding, this is still available as an option, but was not included with our sample unit. The absence of the multiformat flash card reader and the connectors for the front-mounted ports leads us to conclude that there are variations within the 6551 series. Buyers should be sure to clarify with their dealers the features that are included with the 6551s they are purchasing.

While the STK6551 includes all of the knock-outs for the front mounted ports, our test unit did not include any of the connectors or wiring to use these ports. We conclude that this is an option that may or may not be included with your purchase.

While we are impressed with the additions to the STK6551 that Atech has made since our review of the AFT6551, the company unfortunately has not taken it far enough. An optional gold plated power supply, however, is a unique feature and indicates that Atech has many great ideas. We would like to see Atech take the developments and innovations made in the STK6551 a step further in its next upgrade. In the meantime, with the STK6551 ambitious case modders have a new platform upon which to expand their talents. Atech is definitely headed in the right direction, but in our opinion, it is not quite there yet.