The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

TTGI TT-461T1, Continued

A look at the internal configuration of the TT-461T1.

Both the front bezel and the side panel window feature acrylic that contains a slight blue cast. As with the Chenbro Xpider, the side panel is inset to give it a more polished and professional look. The panel is held to the side panel by screws that screw directly into holders that are directly molded into the panel itself. Very nicely done by TTGI/ Superflower. The front bezel on the TT-461T1 is slightly curved and set out from the front of the case using six standoffs. This gives the appearance of a curved look, very attractive when viewing it from close-up. It might be possible for the case modders in the crowd to figure out some way of piing lighting to this space between the aluminum front of the case and the somewhat protruding acrylic bezel.

The case features holders for five 80 mm fans; however, only one of them is included. This is the fan that is mounted in the middle of the side panel window, which happens to be a light, 80 mm fan. With all five fans installed, we rate the airflow of this case to be above average. Due to the relatively small intake grill area of the front of the TT-461T1, it does not seem able to intake and move as much air as the TT-561 and the TT-301. Still, the TT-461T1 moves quite a lot of air through the case, regardless. A disappointing development in the packing of the TT-461T1 was the fact that TTGI/ Superflower elected not to use any plastic or protective covering over the acrylic window or the acrylic that covers the front of the case. As with other cases we reviewed, the side panel window of the TT-461T1 was somewhat scuffed by the connectors on the attached fan. It seems that these scuffs and scratches on side panel windows will continue to be a problem until manufacturers realize how simple and important it is to cover these surfaces to protect them. We can imagine the disappointment of a buyer receiving a new case with the acrylic surfaces already marred before the casehas even been used.

The front of the TT-461T1 features a unique rectangular button layout that is different from the other TTGI/ Superflower models we have tested. The unit features power and reset buttons, as well as a hard drive access and power light. Additionally, as seems to be common with all Superflower models, the TT-461T1 offers two USB 2.0 ports, audio and 1394 ports, all front mounted at the bottom of the front bezel. As is common, neither the audio nor 1394 ports had cables that would allow for direct connection to the headers on our test motherboard. TTGI/ Superflower really needs to do something about this.

A close-up look at the front mounted port configuration of the TT-461T1.

With the TT-461T1, TTGI/ Superflower has done a reasonably good job in incorporating the features that users want. The TT-461T1 has certainly reached a lower price point than the TT-301 and TT-561, but the TT-461T1 does lack some of the pizzazz found in the other two models. However, it makes up for this by offering some unique features of its own that are not available with the other two units. Certainly, the window is a nice feature. We would still like to see the TT-301 or TT-561 with a similar window configuration. That said, the TT-461T1 is a fair value for its price.