The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

Yeong Yang YY-5601, Continued

Below the top control panel is a space for a floppy drive. Below the floppy drive is a space for primary CD Rom or DVD Rom drive(s). This bezel features a cover that allows access to the drive. When the button is pressed, the bezel flips down to allow the drive tray to come out. Another one of the nice features of this door's design is its ability to fold back completely flush with the side panel. We have seen this in only one other case, and it is a feature that many cases with a front door design should consider.

A lockable side panel is included with a snapping turtle-like action that you wouldn't want to get your finger caught in. Additionally, the YY-5601 can be equipped with an optional intrusion switch to indicate when the side panel has been removed from the case. The side panel lock has a loud snapping noise that will definitely get your attention.

We chose a unique top-down look to give you a better view of the top mounted port configuration of the YY-5601.

The YY-5601 includes many special features not found elsewhere. It is not, however, targeted at the gamer/ enthusiast crowd. This case is clearly aimed toward the regular home and business consumer market space, which is obvious in its lack of features that are gamer/ enthusiast oriented, such as side panel windows and lighting. This case is a solid, innovative offering that is definitely one of a kind. As we have suggested, the YY-5601 won't interest many gamers or enthusiasts. System integrators might be attracted to this unit based on the other innovative features that it offers. The YY-5601 is definitely worth consideration; its availability remains somewhat a mystery as we are not aware of many retailers offering and stocking this model yet. The innovative features that the YY-5601 offers clearly indicate that Yeong Yuang has some very creative designers working on its case designs, and this is definitely a company to watch.