The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

Raidmax Scorpio-668, Continued

Unlike many other cases we have reviewed, the Scorpio-668 utilizes rails for the 5.25" devices that are used within this case. Simply put, this was a little unexpected, but didn't cause significant issues to note. With screwless designs becoming increasingly popular, Raidmax elected to save the consumer a few dollars by putting its money into other areas of the case. The Scorpio-668 features an LED-lighted, mirrorized logo that is embedded in the lockable front door of this case. In order to get power to the lighting unit in this door, Raidmax uses a wire that is properly wrapped with shrink tubing. It enters the case through a hole near the bottom door hinge.

This setup proved to be somewhat problematic during our testing, as we found that, on extending, the door tended to catch on the wiring that was entering the case; this sometimes prohibited the door from closing properly. While it looks very cool and is innovative, Raidmax could have improved the method used to get the lighting to this door logo. While this could be considered picky, if your door undergoes heavy use for the devices behind it, you will always want it to close without having to adjust the wiring and monkey with the door. Raidmax definitely needs to find a better solution to this issue.

At least the Scorpio-668 has front mounted USB, but it has no 1394 or audio ports, which makes you wonder what their potential market is. Gamers normally want all of these ports and use them.

The Raidmax Scorpio-668 offers some very unique twists on many features we have seen in similar cases. However, it is still lacking in a few minor areas sufficiently to drive some users wacky. Raidmax's use of protective plastic for the window on the Scorpio-668 showed good attention to quality detail and protection of the inside and outside of the case. The Scorpio-668 offers a mixed bag of results. We like the finish and many of this case's features and are still strongly attracted to this style of case; however, the Scorpio-668 has some issues that Raidmax needs to address in order to enhance the buying experience for a typical user. A good example is the omission of front-mounted 1394 and audio ports located behind the flip-up door on the front of the case. While front-mounted USB is a necessity, the lack of front-mounted audio or 1394 is almost inexcusable for a case of this caliber. We subtracted a little in this case's overall score for the omission of the front mounted 1394/ audio ports, as well as for our issues with the door. Many buyers may be satisfied with what the Scorpio-668 offers; others might do better by examining similar alternatives from other vendors.