The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

TTGI TT-301, Continued

Internally, the TT-301 is very similar to another case known as the SF-201, which we reviewed some time ago. It is clear that the TT-301 is an enhanced version of the SF-201 previously reviewed .

A look at the inside configuration of the TT-301.

The TT-301 is an all aluminum chassis that features a polished aluminum inside and is extremely nice to look at. This almost mirrorized finish inside the case would be ideal for side panel windows. Unfortunately, the version of the TT-301 that we received did not offer the option for a side panel window. Additional variations of this case are available, but they may differ from the version that we are reviewing here. The edges inside the TT-301 are a combination of rolled and U-seamed edges. Many of the most critical edges are covered with plastic overlays to help protect your hands from being accidentally scraped or cut during the installation of your components into this case. The chassis features very little bend and twist, thanks to an innovative placement of the support system that provides the TT-301 almost an internal aluminum skeleton. This strengthens the case and yields additional rigidity. Unlike many aluminum chassis, this case is relatively light, yet is still somewhat heavier than some of the other aluminum cases we have looked at in this review.

The TT-301 has five 80 mm fans that are strategically placed in the front, rear, and top of the case to provide exceptional airflow through the case. This case is very ideally suited for overclockers, due to its fan placement. The intake in the front of the case is able to draw in plenty of air and it is readily exhausted through the fans located in the back and top of the unit. while some overclockers may find this case a little cramped for use with liquid cooling options, it certainly works well with most conventional cooling options that are more liikely to be used by the primary target market of the TT-301. The front bezel of this case is a combination of two elements: an adequate grill and removable filter grace the front of the case, while the upper portion of the case has an attractive, blue acrylic trim plate that surrounds both the 5-" and the 3-" drive bays. Another nice feature of the TT-301 is the fact that it has a total of three accessible 3-" drive bays on the front. This allows several options for adding 3-" devices that are not normally available with many other cases.