The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

Chieftec Extreme Series BX-01B-SL-B, Continued

Other unique innovations for the Extreme Series include new, easy to remove, vented drive bay bezels. These bezels can be easily removed, with no tools required. This is to allow the use of Chieftec's new friction grip feature that allows devices to be installed inside the case quite easily with no screws required to secure them. This semi-screwless philosophy is new to Chieftec, as we have never seen this offered in a Chieftec case prior to the BX-01B-SL-B.

Here is a look at the Chieftec BX-01B-SL-B with the door open. Notice the new design that has been developed for the face plates. Besides being easy to remove, it would appear that it helps to vent the case as well.

Internally, Chieftec has opted for a new "honeycomb" type construction to provide better air circulation through the drive cages and case. This is a welcomed and innovative addition when compared to previous drive cages. Chieftec also appears to have shaved some weight off the drive cage, as well. As most Chieftec case buyers already know, these cases are typically built with the strength of a tank and seem to weigh as much as one, too. The BX-01B-SL-B is no exception to this rule. Not to be outdone by others marketing similar cases, Chieftec has added a new removable filter behind the front bezel. This filter can be easily removed, washed and replaced. At the bottom of the front bezel, Chieftec has added a new flip-up door to hide the front mounted USB/ audio/ 1394 ports. We were impressed with the construction of this new door mechanism, as it is much improved over previous versions. The BX-01B-SL-B offers a lock on the front bezel andthe side panel to protect the components from unauthorized access.

A look at the front mounted port configuration of the Chieftec BX-01B-SL-B. The door that covers these ports has been greatly improved over previous models.

As we stated earlier, overall we were very impressed with the new Chieftec Extreme Series BX-01B-SL-B. The case offers a splash of new features, borrowing some of them from other designs that we have seen. The interchangeable, colored, front trim plates are a unique idea for Chieftec. We were somewhat disappointed with our sample case submission, as it lacked a side panel window, which detracted from an otherwise excellent entry from Chieftec. The Extreme Series clearly has a significant amount of innovations to offer. Over time, however, will it be able to withstand the intense pressure and scrutiny from competitors and buyers? Many buyers are moving toward more innovative and unique designs; many of Chieftec's competitors are offering a variety of new innovations that overshadow the dependability and workhorse characteristics that the Extreme Series will be best known for.