The Lazy Days of Summer Case Review

Chieftec Extreme Series BX-01B-SL-B, Continued

The Extreme Series is probably most notable for its new design developed by Cheiftec to allow the interchangeability of the front trim plates that are attached to the front bezel. These trim plates are available in a variety of colors to match nearly every system configuration. The only thing a little "odd" about this is that the two trim plates that grace the center portion of the front bezel are still mounted to a case that is primarily painted in black or silver. This arrangement is interesting, as it solves the immediate need to have to paint bezels on your 5.25" and 3.5" devices to match the case. The trim plate solution developed by Chieftec provides the buyer the option to add more of an accent color, which allows the user to continue to use silver or black bezeled 5.25" or 3.5" devices that are more readily available.

A look inside the Chieftec BX-01B-SL-B from the Extreme Series.

The questions about these trim plates remain; how much will they cost, and will they be readily available for buyers who want to customize their cases using them? Currently, Chieftec has indicated that it has every intention of making the trim plates available; however, pricing and availability have not yet been set at the time of this review. The BX-01B-SL-B is the specific Extreme Series version that Chieftec sent us. This case features a black design with silver accents, with standard Chieftec-style paint that we are accustomed to. There are no real surprises here. After looking at the quality of construction, it is obvious that Chieftec has gone to great lengths to improve the case quality with the Extreme Series. Both of the side panels in our sample unit feature 92 mm case fans that are directly mounted to both the left and right side panels. This is somewhat curious, as we would have expected one of the side panels to offer a see-through window. Windowed side panels are supposedly available to match the Chieftec Extreme Series cases; our test case did not include one.

The dual side panel fan arrangement is also odd, since it seems to create some turbulence inside the case that affects the overall cooling performance of this case in stock fan mode. Still, the case was populated with four 80 mm fans and the two 92 mm fans that were located on the side panels. This total of six fans gives the BX-01B-SL-B a clear advantage in the cooling department. The side panel fans can be removed, but the grills for these side panel fans are molded into the side panels; it is possible to remove them without affecting the overall uniform look of the case.