Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Compucase CI-6619, Continued

Of course, part of the secret to the CI-6619 is the 120mm fan in the back of the case and the two 80mm intake fans in the front of the case. This case is fully capable of moving some serious air through the case. Believe it or not even with all of the fans going, this case isn't that loud. Much of this is due to the fact that they spin the 120mm fan in the rear of the case at a low RPM to prevent it from getting too loud.

The interior finish of the case is well done. The edges of the metal are folded over to provide a smooth finish. The CI-6619 does have some corners that are somewhat blunted, they were not sharp, but some of the corners were a little rough. The 3-½-drive cage is able to be slid in and out of the case. The case offers a rail collector to manage any extra drive rails that are not in use so that you are able to find them if you need them.

Also included were shockproof pads on the 3-½ hard drive cage to help protect the hard drives from damage due to transit. This should be a welcomed innovation to gamers who regularly attend LAN parties and are always worried about crashing their hard drive due to movement. While we are not sure how much additional protection this strategy offers, it is nice to see the Compucase team trying to come up with innovative ideas to at least try to address this.

A look at the front mounted ports on the CI-6619.

At the bottom of the CI-6619 you will find front mounted ports for audio/USB/1394 Firewire that are covered by a flip down cover. While we question the wisdom of using a push style plastic latch to hold the door in place, it worked well during our testing. We would rate the quality of construction of the door as good, but not excellent.

Overall the CI-6619 is an excellent quality case that offers just about everything you could ask for except a side panel window option. Compucase offers another variation of this case that does have the window option. The bottom line is that the CI-6619 is a quality case that is available for a very affordable price. This case isn't the most fancy, but it offers a good array of features and options that should make most buyers happy.