Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Inwin IW-T515P, Continued

Yes, it does look a little strange, but check out that nice solid handle! The handle is what makes this case. It is easy to pick your PC up and go over to a friend's house, or better yet a LAN party. The case is a little on the cramped side, and it only offers two 5-¼ bays, which could be a problem depending on how many devices you have. The PC has to almost be built in sort of an upside down configuration to get it to fit in this space. We did have an issue with some of the cables being too long for use in this case.

The construction of the case is pretty good, with rounded edges and a fairly well thought out layout to cram everything in this small space. The cooling was a different matter altogether, as we did encounter some problems getting good airflow through this unit. We would not recommend this case for those seeking an above average cooling solution.

A close up look at the front mounted ports on the T515P.

The T515P offers both front mounted USB and audio ports. These ports are placed at the bottom of the case. Make sure if you have something plugged into the USB ports that you remove it before you open the optical drive tray in the bottom bay. On more than one occasion we knocked Disk-On-Key out of the USB port by opening the optical drive in the bottom bay.

We didn't really like the blue accents on the T515P, but it does present an interesting solution for those case modders out there willing to experiment with this case. This case isn't perfect, but it is innovative.