Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Compucase CI-6919BK, Continued

The CI-6919BK is a good-looking case right out of the box with its black finish and silver trim on the front bezel. The case is sturdy featuring 1.0mm SECC. The CI-6919BK didn't exhibit any bend or twist to the case.

CI-6919BK features a side panel window that is fastened to the case with polished screws that hold the window in place. This is a sharp looking window that offers a nice visual improvement over what we typically see on other cases.

The interior finish of the case is well done. The edges of the metal are folded over to provide a smooth finish. Some of the corners are somewhat blunted and rough, but they were not sharp. The 3-½-drive cage is able to be slid in and out of the case. The case offers a rail collector at the bottom of the case to manage any extra drive rails that are not in use so that you are able to find them if you need them.

A look behind the front door that hides the front mounted ports of the CI-6619BK.

At the bottom of the CI-6619 you will find front mounted ports for audio/USB/1394 Firewire that are covered by a flip down cover. While we question the wisdom of using a push style plastic latch to hold the door in place, it worked well during our testing. We would rate the quality of construction of the door as good, but not excellent.

Overall, the CI-6919BK is an excellent case that adds the window option that was missing from the CI-6619. Once the window option is added to this case, it is as close to perfect as you can get for this case configuration. While it isn't as fancy as some of the other cases, it does offer a complete package that will please most users. This is a well-done, quality product offered at an affordable price. According to what some retailers tell us, you should be able to pick this case up for much less than the suggested retail price.