Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Coolermaster ATC-110, Continued

Our sample ATC-110 arrived in a black finish, which was unique, as most of the ATC-110 cases we have seen at LAN parties have been silver rather than black. The case itself has a very smooth and detailed finish.

The ATC-110 is made of aluminum alloy and features a solid quality door covering the front drive bays. The case featured no bend or twist, which is a testament to the quality of the case. The edges were clean and rounded. Nothing to cut yourself on in here.

The case does not feature any removable drive bays, but installation is easy due to the slide out motherboard tray and the two removable side panels. While the ATC-110 did not feature a window on the side of the case, were are told that replacement side panels featuring a window are available for the case at additional cost.

In the front of the case two 80mm fans are found in a stacked configuration behind a screen type material. The screen does seem to efficiently catch a lot of dust that is blown into the case from the front. The screen material is solid and non-removable, which in some ways was a disappointment. The case features a single 80mm fan in the back of the case, as well as a single 80mm fan in the top of the case between the power supply and the 5-¼ drive bays. The lack of a second fan in the back of the case does limit the maximum exhaust potential of the case somewhat.

A look inside the fans mounted in the front of the case. These fans are in front of the hard drives and behind the front grill.

The case does not offer any USB/Audio/Firewire connections mounted to the front or top of the case. Since this is an older model from Coolermaster, this might be expected but may be a shock for some considering the case price range. In order to get front mounted ports you will be forced to use another solution to provide this option, which of course adds additional cost to an already expensive case.

The ATC-110 is a quality case and an excellent effort. Depending on your needs however, the lack of front mounted ports and lack of a second fan cap the potential of this case somewhat. Still, the ATC-110 is a great product that offers a sleek style that many will find appealing. As long as you can live with the minor unsupported options that this case offers it is a solid purchase.