Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Inwin IW-J535G, Continued

The case is of quality construction featuring rounded edges as well as a bar that runs up and down the case to retain the cards in their slots and add additional strength to the case. This idea seems to work pretty well, as the case is sturdy with little or no bend or flex to the case. However, there was some give to the plastic, which is most likely good as you don't want the plastic to be too brittle.

The process of removing the center bar before starting the building process compounded working inside the case, as building in it felt somewhat cramped by this. While we didn't like having to do this, it is just something that you have to live with if you elect to go with this case.

The cooling channel on the PC aids cooling for this case. While we didn't find any instructions in the box for its use, it is obvious that this can be used to vent the processor fan to the outside panel to help channel the heat away from the motherboard. The cooling qualities of this case were about average to a little above average. We would not recommend this case for serious over clockers.

A close up of the front mounted ports on the J535G.

The case does feature two front mounted USB ports that are hidden by a small door toward the bottom of the case. The construction of the door was fair, but not impressive at all. Too much use of plastic here.

The IW-J535G isn't the worst case that we have seen, but we just didn't care for the overall look of the case. The inside was somewhat cramped and while the engineering of the case was solid, it just wasn't that impressive of a case. While some might consider this a more experimental model for Inwin, a return to the drawing board might be in order for this design, as it just didn't make with us. While the case is solid and delivers average performance, we think you can do far better for the same amount of money.