Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Lian Li PC-6070A, Continued

While the concept of using foam and rubber seals to help cut down the noise isn't a new concept (case modders have been using stuff like Dynamat to help absorb the noise for some time), it is only now that we are just starting to see tier one companies incorporating this type of technology into their off-the-shelf cases.

The big question is how well it works and how much it affects the cooling of the case. The answer is that it does work surprisingly well and it does help achieve the quest for the silent PC. Of course, taking it to the next level with additional sound deadening schemes like rubber washers on the fans and power supply will still help, but it will not eliminate all of the sound.

How much does all of this foam and rubber affect the cooling of the case? Not as much as you would think. Due to a good design, Lian Li is still able to draw air into the case through the bottom of the case below the front fans and push it out the back of the case; but it does cut down on the effective airflow because the front door of the case is sealed. Still it works pretty well, as does the cooling efficiency.

The case itself did not exhibit any bend or twist. The edges are smooth and guarded with plastic guards where necessary. The quality of the inside of the case is up to Lian Li standards and offers a design on the inside of the case that is similar to most other Lian Li designs.

The case does offer USB ports on the front of the case at the very bottom. No audio or 1394 Firewire ports are offered. We would hope that Lian Li does not continue to ignore the fact that these ports are necessary and are a feature that many users would like their cases to offer.

A close up of the foam that Lian Li is using on the side panels of the PC-6070A to help sound proof the case. It does seem to really help.

Overall, the PC-6070A does offer something that is innovative and new for tier one case manufacturers, which is the new sound proofing technology. While breaking ground in this area is fine, we do have a complaint about the way they went about it. The full-length door is an "okay" choice, if you are not using your optical drives a lot, but if you are in and out of the case you might start whining and become irritated by having to always open and close the door. Good thing that the door is well constructed and on metal hinges.

The PC-6070A is a good case and offers new things that are not found in other cases, but the airflow design is not as good as the PC-6089A that we looked at and liked so much in our last review. Still, the internal design of the case is good and the quality continues to be some of the highest in the market place today, with Lian Li delivering products that are better than the majority of the competition. While it would not be our first choice for a heavy user, it is clear that this case lives up to the tradition of Lian Li and it is quieter than many of the other cases available today.