Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Case Arts MX01BD

The Case Arts MX01BD.

What happens when you are able to order you case pre-painted with any design or pattern you choose, from among thousands of possible options ? You have "Case Art," and the Case Arts people have taken the idea of case painting to another level. You want a wood grain case, they can do it, a marble-like look, they can deliver it. No matter what you want, you can choose from what seems like thousands of possible options with a variety of cases.

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Number Of Internal 3-½ Bays4
Number Of External 3-½ Bays2
Number Of External 5-¼ Bays4
Number Of Case Fans Supported4 - None Included
Construction MaterialMetal - 1.0mm SECC
Power Supply IncludedNone
Special FeaturesChieftec Matrix Design With Custom Case Arts Painting
Size470 x 205 x 670 mm
Sample Case Provided Bywww.casearts.com
Estimated Cost$129 US
Cooling Potential Rating9
Construction Quality Rating8
Overall Case Rating7

A look inside the MX01BD.

Case Arts sent us the MX01BD, which is a Chieftec Matrix family tower. This case is so similar to other Antec and Chieftec models we are not going to focus too much attention on the case itself, rather we will focus on what is different.