Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

GMC Noblesse SE, Continued

The case itself is of metal construction and is 1.0mm thick. We found the case to be solid with no bend and very little twist overall. The construction of the case was good, featuring rounded edges and quality finishing within the internal case itself.

The design of the case is unique and features a mirrored front that opens as a door to access the front bays. The door is solid, which you would not think would be the case from the mirror case front. The Noblesse SE offers 2 side mount USB ports on the side of the case, but no 1394 port. The case offers a unique sound selector function, which allows you to select the output of the sound between different output configurations at the touch of a button.

Another interesting feature is the slide up 5-¼ bay door at the bottom of the case. GMC offers several suggestions on the usefulness of this, such as a removable hard drive rack or an access point for connecting a front panel connector and such. This is a good concept that you should find useful as time goes on, but we were not terrifically happy with the sliding action of this door, as it was somewhat erratic when used.

A look at the side mounted ports and the sound selector button.

Another interesting point of the anti-vibration and sound proofing technology in the Noblesse SE is that the sides are coated with material to help absorb vibration and buffer the noise. Also included are a variety of pads and washers to help with this effort. We found this to be effective, as the case was definitely quieter than most cases when fully loaded with our test system.

We found the Noblesse SE to be of good design and detail offering a significant amount of innovative features that are not found in other cases. The quality of construction is good. You might have some problems finding the Noblesse SE at the moment, as it is just starting to be available for wide release, but if you have a need for the advanced features offered by the Noblesse SE, then it is a true value and worth the search.