Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

24 Cases Reviewed


The ATCS-Tek MRO-16.

The ATCS-Tek MRO-16 is an attempt to blur the line between functionality and fashion. While this case certainly has the window, which makes it an excellent choice for the case modder, it also leaves off the door, which some people feel detracts from the function of the case when the user frequently uses the devices such as the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CDRW, which are located in the 5-¼ bays. Let's face it: sometimes the door gets in the way or you are often forced to leave the door open or even remove the door altogether. The MRO-16 is designed for those of us who don't like the feature of a door.

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Number Of Internal 3-½ Bays5
Number Of External 3-½ Bays2
Number Of External 5-¼ Bays4
Number Of Case Fans Supported4
Construction MaterialAluminum Alloy & Acrylic
Power Supply IncludedNo
Special FeaturesSide Window, Front Mounted USB, Screwless Design
Size500 x 450 x 190 mm
Sample Case Provided Bywww.atcstek.com.tw
Estimated Cost$199 US
Cooling Potential Rating9
Construction Quality Rating9
Overall Case Rating9

A look inside of the MRO-16.

The case itself follows the typical internal ATCS design that we have seen in most of the other cases. The MRO-16 does not stray too far from that. The case exhibits very little bend or twist. The case is quite sturdy. No sharp edges, as all of the edges in the case have been folded or polished.

The front of the case itself features two 80mm fans in a stacked configuration with a filter in front of them. The filter was not removable and is more like a wire mesh grill than a true filter. It is possible to replace the front 80mm fans with two 80mm lighted fans if you want to give yourself more of an interesting effect in the front of the case.