Spring Case Madness: 24 Of The Best

Coolermaster ATC-220-VX1, Continued

Once again, the quality is first rate in the ATC-220-VX1. The edges are rolled and smooth with an excellent level of detail that is found inside of the case. While the case is lightweight, there was no bend or twist in the ATC-220-VX1. The surface of the case is smooth and has a somewhat polished look to the inside.

The front mounted acrylic door is of high quality and mounted to the case using metal hinges with a magnetic closure. We really liked the metal mounted to either side of the acrylic to protect the acrylic, as well as to provide a higher level of stiffness to the door. The lighted door worked well, but some might question the need to light up the "ATCS" logo letters on the front of the case. At least everyone who sees the case will not miss the logo, but instead will ask you what ATCS means.

The door features a rounded cut out at the bottom that allows access to two USB ports that are front mounted at the bottom of the case. While this is an improvement over not having any front mounted ports, we still would like to see at least 2 USB ports, as well as one 1394 Firewire port. It would not hurt for them to add the audio ports in the front, as well. Overall, it is still a good design because you can use the USB ports with the door closed, which is a big plus here.

Building in the case was no problem. Once the thumbscrews are removed, both panels as well as the motherboard tray slide from the case. Once the panels are removed this provides easy access to the case and make it an easy case to build in. This is a good design for upgraders or those who are working inside their case frequently.

A look at the front mounted USB ports at the bottom of the ATC-220-VX1.

The left side panel features a blue acrylic window that is fastened to the case using metal rivets. While this might not be the most attractive solution, the window is fastened securely to the case and doesn't exhibit a lot of flex.

Overall, the ATC-220-VX1 is a solid design and offers a lot of cool features not found in other cases. We liked this case a lot, but the lack of space for additional fans does concern us. In the configuration we built the case did get warm, but not hot and the case sees to be able to exhaust most of the heat from within the case. During our testing, however, the fans did create some turbulence, which caused the case heat exhaust capacity to be not as steady as we would have liked. Coolermaster should consider revising the design of the case to include some venting in the bottom and sides of the case to create an intake for some front mounted fans, which would make an otherwise good case even better. If you like the case and don't mind the limitations on the cooling, the ATC-220-VX1 is a solid choice.