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Results: 3DMark And PCMark

System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: System Value Compared

The biggest hardware difference between $800 and $1,000 PCs is the more expensive build’s SSD, and that doesn't affect 3DMark at all. The top-end system's next most-impressive advantage is its high overclocked memory data rate, which does appear to help facilitate a victory in this synthetic graphics-oriented benchmark.

As we move to PCMark, the SSD becomes far more influential as an influencer of performance. Storage makes up a big part of the benchmark’s overall score, and the $1,000 PC’s solid-state storage stands out even more prominently when we look at its storage score specifically.

Storage benchmarks make up 10% of our final performance scores, and we use the above three test patterns to represent real-world use. This is the only time you'll see a synthetic impact our value analysis, since it's a practical way for us to quantify user experience.

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