15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Features, Continued

Manufacturer / Model In Win IW-J568G Lian Li PC-V1000 NZXT Guardian Revoltec Tattoo Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ02
Form Factor Midi-Tower Midi-Tower Midi-Tower Midi-Tower Midi-Tower
Weight 11.3 kg 7.85 kg 9.6 kg 11.7 kg 9.85 kg
Dimensions 215 x 495 x 430 mm 215 x 500 x 490 mm 205 x 510 x 440 mm 522 x 473 x 205 mm 215 x 475 x 445 mm
Closeable no no no yes yes
Material Metal / Plastic Aluminum Aluminum Metal Aluminum
Can be opened with Clamps Knurled screws Knurled screws Screws Screws
Motherboards supported ATX, µATX ATX, µATX ATX, µATX ATX, µATX ATX, µATX
Motherboard on Tray no no no no no
Sides of Case closed closed Window closed closed
Lighting effects no no no no no
Drive Bays
5.25" 4 x 5 x 5 x 4 x 4 x
3.5", externally accessible 2 x (1x Card Reader) 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x
3.5", internal 3 x 6 x 5 x 6 x 4 x
Carriage for HDD partial fixed fixed removable removable
at 90° angle no yes no no no
Installation rails no yes yes only 5.25" yes
AGP/PCI Expansion Slots 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x
Front Ports
USB 2.0 1 x Type A 2 x Type A 2 x Type A 2 x Type A 4 x Type A
FireWire 1394a no 1 x no 1 x 1 x
Audio 1x Out, 1x In 1x Out, 1x In 1x Out, 1x In no 1x Out, 1x In
Card Reader 7 Formats no no no no
Power yes yes yes yes
HDD yes yes yes yes
Yes, for: monitoring, time, alarm clock no no no no
Fan Controls
Yes, for: 4 Fans no no no no
System fan
Drill Holes / Carriage for no no 3 x 80 mm 4 x 80 mm 1 x 80 - 120 mm
Built-in Fan 1 x 80 mm 2 x 120 mm 2 x 80 mm no 1 x 120 mm
Manufacturer unknown ADDA unknown no unknown
Dust Protection Filter no partial no no no
Accessories Included
Screws yes yes yes yes yes
Spacer yes yes yes yes yes
Instructions yes yes yes no yes
Power Supply yes, 350 Watt no yes, 420 Watt no no
Installation rails for drives no yes yes yes yes
Speaker yes yes no yes yes
Cable ties no yes yes no yes
  1. Cucumber Salad Or Band-Aid?
  2. Ouch! The Pain Of Razor-Sharp Edges
  3. The Cases: Up Close And Personal
  4. Simple Motherboard Installation
  5. Hard-Drive Trays
  6. Fresh Air With 120 mm Fans
  7. Rails For 5.25" Drives
  8. Perfect Construction
  9. Casetek C1020: Enter The Dragon
  10. Easy Installation Of Motherboards, Graphic Boards And Hard Drives
  11. The Hazards Of Installing 5.25" Drives
  12. Pros
  13. Chieftec BX-01: Plenty Of Room For Hard Drives
  14. A Glimpse Inside The Case
  15. 90-Degree Carriage Rotation Simplifies Hard-Drive Installation
  16. Safe Installation Of 5.25" Drives
  17. Pros
  18. Coolermaster Wavemaster: All Metal With Sharp Edges
  19. Coolermaster Wavemaster, Continued
  20. Installing The Motherboard Outside
  21. Hard Drives Screwed Directly On The Case
  22. Pros
  23. Inter-Tech Sportcar Design: Typical Engine Sound With 6 Fans
  24. Roomy Interior
  25. Up To 11 Drives Fit In The Case
  26. Razor-Sharp Edges And Corners
  27. Pros
  28. InWin IW-J568G: With Fan Speed Controller And Card Reader
  29. Motherboard Installation A Hassle
  30. Old-Fashioned Card Holders
  31. Waste Of Space
  32. Pros
  33. Lian Li PC-V1000: Innovative Interior
  34. Ingenious Innards
  35. The PSU Down Under
  36. Room Enough For Six Hard Drives
  37. Screws Into Threads Not Into The Case
  38. Front Bevel Included
  39. Gotcha: Two Minor Weaknesses
  40. Pros
  41. NZXT Guardian: Zylon From Battlestar Galactica
  42. No Sharp Edges Inside
  43. Complicated Rail System For Drives
  44. No Dust Filters Inside The Case
  45. Revoltec Midi Tower: Chieftec With A New Design
  46. Traditional Hardware Installation
  47. Rails For 5.25" Drives
  48. Special Carriages For Hard Drives
  49. Pros
  50. Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ02: Struggle With Drive Rails
  51. Rails Secure Drives Firmly
  52. Pros
  53. Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ03S: Pricy XXL Format
  54. Spacious Interior
  55. Screws And Expansion Cards
  56. Complicated Front-Port Cabling
  57. Superflower X-Mask SF-462: Spider Design
  58. Roomy Interior For Many Hard Drives
  59. Card Installation With Brute Force
  60. Are These Designers Crazy?
  61. Thermaltake XaserV V5000A: Full Metal Jacket
  62. Problems With Graphics-Card Installation
  63. Pros
  64. Yeong Yang YY-5603: No Major Flaws
  65. Tidy Accessories
  66. Anti-Vibration Rails For Drives
  67. Break-Away Face Plates
  68. Jet-Computer Last Samurai: Shades Of Darth Vader
  69. Testing Procedure
  70. Ratings
  71. Features Chart
  72. Features, Continued
  73. Features, Continued
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