15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Features, Continued

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Manufacturer / ModelIn Win IW-J568GLian Li PC-V1000NZXT GuardianRevoltec TattooSilverstone Temjin SST-TJ02
Form FactorMidi-TowerMidi-TowerMidi-TowerMidi-TowerMidi-Tower
Weight11.3 kg7.85 kg9.6 kg11.7 kg9.85 kg
Dimensions215 x 495 x 430 mm215 x 500 x 490 mm205 x 510 x 440 mm522 x 473 x 205 mm215 x 475 x 445 mm
MaterialMetal / PlasticAluminumAluminumMetalAluminum
Can be opened withClampsKnurled screwsKnurled screwsScrewsScrews
Motherboards supportedATX, µATXATX, µATXATX, µATXATX, µATXATX, µATX
Motherboard on Traynonononono
Sides of CaseclosedclosedWindowclosedclosed
Lighting effectsnonononono
Drive Bays
5.25"4 x5 x5 x4 x4 x
3.5", externally accessible2 x (1x Card Reader)1 x2 x2 x2 x
3.5", internal3 x6 x5 x6 x4 x
Carriage for HDDpartialfixedfixedremovableremovable
at 90° anglenoyesnonono
Installation railsnoyesyesonly 5.25"yes
AGP/PCI Expansion Slots7 x7 x7 x7 x7 x
Front Ports
USB 2.01 x Type A2 x Type A2 x Type A2 x Type A4 x Type A
FireWire 1394ano1 xno1 x1 x
Audio1x Out, 1x In1x Out, 1x In1x Out, 1x Inno1x Out, 1x In
Card Reader7 Formatsnononono
PoweryesRow 25 - Cell 2 yesyesyes
HDDyesRow 26 - Cell 2 yesyesyes
Yes, for:monitoring, time, alarm clocknononono
Fan Controls
Yes, for:4 Fansnononono
System fan
Drill Holes / Carriage fornono3 x 80 mm4 x 80 mm1 x 80 - 120 mm
Built-in Fan1 x 80 mm2 x 120 mm2 x 80 mmno1 x 120 mm
Dust Protection Filternopartialnonono
Accessories Included
Power Supplyyes, 350 Wattnoyes, 420 Wattnono
Installation rails for drivesnoyesyesyesyes
Cable tiesnoyesyesnoyes
Siggy Moersch
  • dovah-chan
    after over 10 years this is the first comment on this article
  • Joe_Justiniano
    I find it admirable that an article so old is still kept alive. Recently acquired one of this cases in excellent shape at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it.

    Thanks to this article and the great dedication of this website I have been educated. Kudos to you all.