15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Yeong Yang YY-5603: No Major Flaws

At first glance, only the front of Yeong Yang's midi tower really sticks out. Five bays can be accessed from the front, while the 3.5" drive is placed on top, just as in the old days. The front ports are located on top, but lack a lid to protect them from dust. The side panel is held in place by a heavy lock that makes a real racket when you open it. The case cover itself houses a plastic pipe-like air guide to draw out CPU heat.

One of a handful of cases with a 3.5" drive on top

Without the protective cover, these ports will quickly get covered in dust and stop working.

Siggy Moersch
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    after over 10 years this is the first comment on this article
  • Joe_Justiniano
    I find it admirable that an article so old is still kept alive. Recently acquired one of this cases in excellent shape at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it.

    Thanks to this article and the great dedication of this website I have been educated. Kudos to you all.