15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ02: Struggle With Drive Rails

The Temjin SST-TJ02 midi tower has absolutely no plastic parts. Everything is made from lightweight aluminum, from the covers of the four 5.25" bays to the protective lid of the front ports. Without hardware, the SST-TJ02 weighs in at just below 22 pounds. The dimensions of 18.6 x 17.6 x 8.5 inches are a sign that its interior is quite cramped. The side panels are closed with regular screws in the traditional manner.

The Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ02 looks very classy from the outside.

Holes have been drilled for 80, 92 and 100 mm fans.

A Tight Fit Inside

Take off the case cover, and you see that your first hunch was right. It's a tight fit, making installation anything but convenient. Almost all of the inner edges are deburred or folded over, so there is no danger of cuts. Just be careful installing the PSU, where the edges were overlooked.

It takes but one look to see that things are going to be tight.

Siggy Moersch
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    I find it admirable that an article so old is still kept alive. Recently acquired one of this cases in excellent shape at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it.

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