15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Safe Installation Of 5.25" Drives

Chieftec has developed a unique system for removing the front plates on the drive bays. On other cases, you need a knife or screwdriver; the Chieftec case is child's play by comparison. The snap-out process results in no sharp edges or corners that you could cut yourself on.

After a little bending, the breaking points on the plates snap through.

The burr from the breaking point is safely out of reach and poses no risk of injury.

Siggy Moersch
  • dovah-chan
    after over 10 years this is the first comment on this article
  • Joe_Justiniano
    I find it admirable that an article so old is still kept alive. Recently acquired one of this cases in excellent shape at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it.

    Thanks to this article and the great dedication of this website I have been educated. Kudos to you all.