15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Thermaltake XaserV V5000A: Full Metal Jacket

The Thermaltake Xaser V is probably one of today's heaviest PC cases on the market. The empty case weighs in at a whopping 37.4 pounds. Even the front door, made of plastic on most of its competitors, is made of heavy metal on the Xaser V and reinforced on the inside with an aluminum plate. A preinstalled fan-speed controller, located in one of the five drive bays, lets you freely adjust all the 80 mm fans. Cabling, however, is an exercise in patience. When purchasing this midi tower, you should definitely grab several power-Y cables as well, as each fan requires a peripheral plug.

The Thermaltake Xaser V weighs in at a whopping 37.4 pounds.

The Xaser V can accommodate up to nine drives.

Siggy Moersch
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