15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Motherboard Installation A Hassle

The two side panels on the InWin case are held in place with two clips instead of screws. Once we removed the clips, we discovered a vertical bar that seriously interfered with any hardware installation. Sure, you can remove the bar. But it is entirely superfluous: the metal case is sturdy enough without it.

The interior of the InWin case is already cramped without hardware.

A vertical bar which is supposed to provide added stability interferes with installation.

Siggy Moersch
  • dovah-chan
    after over 10 years this is the first comment on this article
  • Joe_Justiniano
    I find it admirable that an article so old is still kept alive. Recently acquired one of this cases in excellent shape at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it.

    Thanks to this article and the great dedication of this website I have been educated. Kudos to you all.