15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Easy Installation Of Motherboards, Graphic Boards And Hard Drives

The side panels simply slide out once you remove the thumb screws. Now you can start installing the computer hardware. The interior contains many features lifted from Thermaltake and Chieftec cases. For example, the hard-drive carriage has been rotated 90 degrees to make installing drives much easier. The same thing applies to the fan brackets on the side of the case. However, it is a mystery to us what the dust filter is doing here. We don't know why it has been placed in the middle of the case. Sure, the few holes in the side panel could pull in air and dust, but then there should also be a dust filter over the holes, which the case doesn't offer.

The Casetek C1020 has a simple, but elegant, solution for screwless brackets for AGP and PCI cards.

The bracket for the additional system fans can be opened up during hardware installation.

Look, no screws! Expansion-card latches

The rotated hard-drive carriage wouldn't get in the way of a PCI long card if it weren't for the cable clips. With a bit of brute force, we did manage to wedge the PCI card past the cable clip. If the carriage were removable, this wouldn't even be an issue. The hard drives slide in and audibly engage in the carriage via screwless drive rails. However, there isn't much space left for thick round cables. Simple ribbon cables are a better idea.

The drive rails are simply placed on the drives, and not screwed on.

The drive rails engage with a solid, audible click.

Makes installing the drives easier: the carriage has been rotated 90 degrees

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