15 Case Power Tower Round-Up

Break-Away Face Plates

Every case has its breaking points. It's just a question of doing it right, as in the case of the Yeong-Yang midi tower. The face plates, once snapped out, don't leave any sharp edges on the case. The only edges are on the loose face plate that is now headed for the scrap heap.

You do have to twist the plate back and forth a few times before it breaks off.

The face plates separate cleanly from the case.

The only sharp edges are on the broken-off piece of metal, not on the case.


  • Two temperature-controlled 120 mm fans
  • Storage box for miscellaneous parts
  • Six 3.5" drive bays
  • HDD carriage rotated 90 degrees
  • Vibration absorption on drive rails
  • Screwless clip for expansion cards


  • No protective cover for front ports

In sum, the Yeong Yang YY-5603 has a well-designed interior with no sharp edges or corners. The manufacturer even thought of including an air guide to draw off processor heat. The only thing missing is a protective cover for the front ports.

Not your average coffee cup: this is really a type of chimney to draw off the heat dissipated by the CPU.

Siggy Moersch
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