Best Professional Monitors 2018: Photo and Video Editing, Graphic Design

Professional monitors always come at a premium price. But for the extra coin you can get multiple color gamut options, factory-certified calibration, and, often times, the ability to create your own color presets with included software and instruments. When you need the absolute best color accuracy, one of the screens below can fulfill that need, usually without any initial adjustment or calibration.

Best Professional & Wide Color Gamut Monitors

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News and Product Updates

Prices for our pick for best 30-inch wide gamut professional monitor are on the rise this week. The NEC PA302W is currently available for $1,759 (£1,638) on Amazon after dropping to $999 (£930) last week. The price tag is also high on Newegg at $1,894 (1,764). We’ve seen this monitor go over the $2,000 threshold, but these are still steep prices.

Best 24-Inch Wide Gamut Monitor

Best 27-Inch Professional Monitor

Best 27-Inch Wide Gamut Monitor

Best 30-Inch Wide Gamut Monitor

Best 32-Inch Wide Gamut Monitor

Best 32-Inch Professional Monitor

Best 34-Inch Professional Monitor

Best 38-Inch Professional Monitor

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  • digicineman
    SCHARON HARDING is the AOC U3277PWQU really good enough for video editing and color correction in UHD for REC 709 and DCI-p3 with confidence? This is really tempting at that price. You can get two for the price of the BenQ or Asus. THanks very much. Are there newer versions of these monitors out now that you recommend?