Best Professional Monitors

Professional monitors always come at a premium price. But for the extra coin you often get multiple color gamut options, factory-certified calibration, and often times the ability to create your own color presets with included software and instruments. When you need the absolute best color accuracy, one of the screens below can fulfill that need, usually without any initial adjustment or calibration.

Best Professional & Wide Color Gamut Monitors

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Best 24-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors

Best 27-Inch Professional Monitor

Best 27-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors

Best 30-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors

Best 32-Inch Wide Gamut Monitors

Best 32-Inch Professional Monitors

Best 34-Inch Professional Monitor

Best 38-Inch Professional Monitor

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  • davidgirgis
    The HP Z38C has a resolution of 3840x1600, not 3840x2160.
    Also, its screen size is 38", not 35".
  • DSpider
    How can you recommend curved screens for any professional work? Do you really think editing a flat 2D image on a curved surface is a good idea? Not to mention the "bow tie" effect (with the middle of the screen) that messes with your perception. Jesus...

    Also, why 21:9? Because you do realise that having a Wacom tablet (those black things without a screen on them) would effectively give you about half of the surface, right? They're ideal for 16:10 aspect ratios, and maybe even 16:9 if you're willing to sacrifice a small strip at the bottom that you're never going to use, but 21:9? Come on.

    And not even one EIZO? Ever hear of BENQ? "The best"? Please.