VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003


The clock speeds of the BFG Asylum GeForceFX 5600 differ from the specified reference clock speed. In the following graph, we show the performance of the card compared to that of a standard FX 5600.

Conclusion: The double helping of 256 MB of RAM doesn't give the BFG Asylum GeForceFX 5600 256 MB much of a leg-up. On the contrary; the fact that the memory is clocked to be 50 MHz slower than NVIDIA's reference clock speed makes the card's performance somewhat worse than what you would expect from an FX 5600. One plus of the card is its extremely quiet fan. BFG's Asylum GeForceFX 5600 256 MB AGP is a decent FX 5600 board without too many strengths or weaknesses. The manufacturer gets kudos for its free 24/ 7 telephone support.

+ TV-in & out
+ Support
+ Quiet fan
+ Video editing software & DVD player software

- No video cables
- No game bundle
- 256 MB RAM no advantage at all

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BFG Asylum GeForceFX 5600 256 MB AGP
ManufacturerBFG Technology
3D ChipNVIDIA GeForceFX 5600
Memory256 MB DDR (128bit), Hynix, 4ns
Memory SpecsMax. Clock Rate: 500 MHz (DDR)
Clock Rate (Chip/Memory)325 / 500 MHz (DDR)
Hardware FeaturesVideo-In & -Out
Fan Noise45.0 dB
SoftwarenVDVD v2.0Ulead Video Studio SE V6 DVD3D Demos