VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003

Gainward FX PowerPack! Pro/760XP 128 MB Golden Sample, Continued

Other hardware features of the board include its video-in and video-out (Philips SAA7114H) and a second monitor output port. This means you need a DVI-VGA adapter - thankfully, one is included with the card. The Y-adapter for the TV connectors is a fashionable pink. While the input and output ports are color-coded, it takes a little imagination to figure out which color stands for output (yellow) and which for input (red). There is no clear labeling. No other video cables are included with the card.

Gainward's software package is limited to the driver CD plus the requisite Gainward EXPERTool software (which, among other things, allows you to step up your clock speed) and a manual in PDF format, as well as InterVideo's WinCinema, consisting of WinDVD4 (DVD player software), WinRip 2 (MP3 player software) and WinProducer 3 (for capturing, cutting and editing videos and burning VCDs).

The 50-page manual may be small, but it contains everything you need to know about Gainward's EXPERTool and the NVIDIA drivers. Unfortunately, there are no instructions for the InterVideo software other than the Windows help files. The CD doesn't contain any PDF manuals at all.