VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003

PixelView GeForceFX 5600, Continued

In addition to TV-out, the PixelView GeForceFX 5600 also offers TV-in (Philips SAA7114H encoder chip). It is connected with a small adapter box that accepts S-VHS and composite video cables. The included composite video cable is about 2 meters long. The video functions of the card can be used with Cyberlink's somewhat outdated video editing software PowerDirector 2.5ME (Pro).

In addition to PowerDirector, PixelView includes the DVD player software WinDVD 4 from InterVideo. PixelView does not offer any display or overclocking tools.

The game bundle consisting of the games "Le Mans 24 Hours" (2001), "Codename: Outbreak" (2001) and "Ballistics" is quite attractive. Two CDs with demo versions are also included.