VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003

ABIT Siluro FX 5600 Ultra DT, Continued

The TV-out functions are processed by the TV encoder built into the 3D chip. You connect the cable directly to the card (S-VHS). Composite cables can be connected using a small adapter. The card ships with two video cables, one composite (some 2 m) and one S-VHS (some 2 m). Another bright spot was the power cable, which is trimmed in "rounded cable" style.

The software bundle is a bit paltry. Other than the drivers, the CD contains a DVD player (SiluroDVD) based on InterVideo's WinDVD, and a program called Graphic Max. This overclocking utility unfortunately fails to recognize the different 2D & 3D clock speeds for the card and only allows you to set the 2D clock speed. The Siluro Album CD contains WindowBlinds, a tool for modifying the desktop for Windows XP, and demo versions of Soldier of Fortune II and Earthviewer 3D.

Conclusion: ABIT's Siluro FX 5600 Ultra TD is quite an eyecatcher. But the board is a bit sluggish in 3D performance, as the ABIT test card doesn't use the new flip-chip version of the FX 5600 Ultra. It would also be better to have a quieter fan.

+ TV-out
+ Illuminated fan
+ DVD player software
+ Video cables

- FX 5600 Ultra still not flip-chip format (lower clock speed)
- Fan somewhat loud

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ABIT Siluro FX 5600 Ultra DT
3D ChipNVIDIA GeForceFX 5600 Ultra
Memory128 MB DDR (128 bit), Hynix FBGA
Memory SpecsMax. Clock Rate 700 MHz (DDR)
Clockrate (Chip/Memory)350 / 700 MHz (DDR)
Hardware FeaturesVideo-OutBlue PCBfan with lighting
Fan Noise51.0 dB
SoftwareSiluroDVDGraphicsMax (Overclocking)WindowsBlindsDemo CD