VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003

MSI FX5200-VTD128, Continued

The MSI FX5200-VTD128 offers both TV-out and TV-in, courtesy of the Philips SAA7114H encoder chip. S-VHS and composite video sources can be connected to the card using the plastic adapter that comes with the card. MSI also bundles a 2 meter long S-VHS cable with the board.

The software bundle is very extensive and extraordinary. In addition to the aforementioned 3D! Turbo Experience tool, MSI ships a number of other utilities with the board. These are: Live Update 2 (automatic check for, download and installation of new BIOS files and drivers), MSI Secure Doc (file encryption utility), MSI GoodMem (a tool to flush the system memory), MSI LockBox (security software that allows the user to lock the computer when he or she leaves the workstation), and MSI WMI Info (a system information tool).