VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003

Inno3D Tornado GeForceFX 5600

The Inno3D Tornado GeForceFX 5600 has 128 MB DDR memory (128 bit) from Samsung, with an access time of 3.6 ns (Samsung specification: 275 MHz max. (550 DDR)). The board is clocked using NVIDIA's reference specifications of 325 MHz core and 550 MHz memory clocks.

Innovision uses a brown and black PCB. The card is cooled by a small, silver cooler that is pleasantly quiet.

The TV-out functions are handled by the TV encoder integrated in the 3D chip. It is connected directly to the card (S-VHS). Composite devices can only be connected to the card with the enclosed S-VHS -> composite cable measuring almost 1.8 meters. In light of the short cable, a common S-VHS -> composite adapter would have made a lot more sense.