VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003

Tyan Tachyon G9600 PRO, Continued

The software bundle turned out to be a bit meager. InterVideo's WinDVD is the only software Tyan includes with the card. The card does not come with games. At least there is a 46-page manual (in English) explaining the functions of the card.

Conclusion: The G9600 PRO from Tyan is a very impressive Radeon 9600 card. Unfortunately, the software bundle turned out to be very meager. We are surprised that Tyan runs the memory beyond the memory specifications.

+ Hardware monitoring with adjustable fan speed
+ DVD player software
+ TV-out
+ Video cable for Composite & S-VHS
+ DVI display up to 1600x1200

- Very meager software bundle
- Memory running beyond specs
- No game bundle

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Tyan Tachyon G9600 PRO
3D ChipATI Radeon 9600 PRO
Memory128 MB DDR (128bit), Hynix 36
Memory SpecsMax. Clock Rate: 550 MHz (DDR)
Clock Rate (Chip/Memory)400 / 600 MHz (DDR)
Hardware FeaturesVideo-OutHardware Monitoring
Fan Noise54.5 dB
SoftwareTyan Graphics MonitorWinDVD 4