VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003


This plot shows the performance of the Ultra/1200XP in Enhanced Mode compared to that of a standard FX 5900:

Note: the performance mode has to be specifically activated in the Gainward EXPERTool that you have to install first. If you don't use the tool and rely on the standard reference drivers, the card performs much like your average FX 5900.

Conclusion: Gainward's software overclocking features (which you have to manually activate first) allow the Ultra/1200XP 128 MB Golden Sample to shoot much higher than your standard FX 5900 boards - after all, you may be able to overclock them as much as the Ultra/1200, but no other manufacturer guarantees their stability. On the other hand, the software bundle is a tad paltry considering how expensive the card is.

+ Guaranteed higher clock speeds with software overclocking
+ Illuminated fan
+ Display tools from Gainward
+ TV-in & -out
+ Video-editing software & DVD player software
+ IEEE 1394 FireWire PCI card + FireWire cable
+ DVI display up to 1600x1200

- Fan somewhat loud
- No video cables
- No game bundle

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Gainward FX PowerPack! Ultra/1200XP 128 MB Golden Sample
3D ChipNVIDIA GeForceFX 5900
Memory128 MB DDR (256bit), Hynix FBGA
Memory SpecsMax. Clock Rate: 900 MHz (DDR)
Clock Rate (Chip/Memory)400 / 850 MHz (Standard)450 / 900 MHz (Enhanced*)
Hardware FeaturesVideo-In & -OutIEEE 1394 Firewire CardFan with lightingDVI UXGA
Fan Noise51.5 dB
SoftwareEXPERToolInterVideo WinCinema
*Needs to be enabled by the user in Gainward Software