VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003


The Taiwan-based manufacturer Gigabyte has many computer-related products in its portfolio in addition to its graphics cards and motherboards. Gigabyte generally uses 3D Chips from ATi in its graphics boards. Support is limited to a contact form on the Gigabyte homepage (in English) and downloads (drivers, BIOS, manual). The FAQ section and the Technology Guide on the homepage are not yet very comprehensive.

Gigabyte Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB (GV-R98P128D)

Gigabyte's Radeon 9800 PRO is based on ATi's R350 chip and, as such, ranks among the top performers. The clock speeds of the 3D chip and the 128 MB memory are the same as the ATi reference clock speeds (380/ 680 MHz).

The Gigabyte card looks different from ATi's reference card because of its golden fan, which turns so quickly that it creates an audible humming sound. The memory modules are not cooled. Gigabyte throws in two video cables (S-VHS: 1.70 m; Composite: 1.75 m) for TV-out. This card does not support TV-in.