VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003


The Taiwanese manufacturer PixelView focuses on multimedia products, from graphics cards based on NVIDIA 3D technology through to TV speakers and PDA accessories.

Support is available through a contact form on the homepage. The warranty period is not known.

PixelView GeForceFX 5600

The PixelView GeForceFX 5600 is based on NVIDIA's GeForceFX 5600, a.k.a. NV31. The card has 128 MB DDR memory (128 bit) from Samsung, with an access time of 3.3 ns (maximum 300 MHz (600 DDR)). With the chip clocked at 325 MHz and the memory at 600 MHz, the PixelView card comes clocked faster than NVIDIA's reference clock speed (325/ 550). As a result, it performs somewhat better than your standard FX 5600 cards. More about that later. Because of the limited performance in its class, it cannot use the theoretical advantages of a 256 MB card (4x FSAA at 1600x1200 in games with lots of texture details).

Though the color of the board is rather pedestrian, the card appears quite classy, thanks to its large golden heat sink. The low noise of the fan is pleasant. The memory chips on the back of the card are cooled by passive heat sinks.