VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003

Leadtek WinFast A350 TD MyVIVO, Continued

The WinFast 2.0 tool suite offers system information and software overclocking options for the card.

MyVIVO functionality:

Leadtek bundles the WinFast PVR software for use with the Video-In functionality. In addition to displaying incoming video signals, the tool also supports recording directly to hard disk as well as pre-programmed (timer) recording. This last feature only makes sense in combination with an additional TV tuner card, though. The timeshifting feature makes it possible to watch the program being recorded (from the beginning) during recording. A picture-in-picture option lets users check on several sources simultaneously. The combination of TV-in plus an actively recording Video-in, in addition to S-VHS at the same time did not work, though. Leadtek also includes a video editing program, and in the case of the A350, it is even bundled in the newest version - Ulead Video Studio 7 SE DVD. Additionally, Leadtek includes Ulead's DVD Movie Factory 2 SE. Lastly, the software bundle also includes the 3D rendering software Cool 3D SE, which can be used to create 3D animations with text and simple 3D objects.

Conclusion: Leadtek has chosen a very different route by housing practically the entire card in an aluminum case. As a result, reactions may be mixed - either you like it or you don't. While this card stays cooler than those of the A300 series, this improvement comes at the cost of more noise. Aside from that, we really liked the Leadtek WinFast A350 TD MyVIVO and can recommend it. We especially liked the good and, in this case, up to date software bundle, as well as the VIVO features.

+ Extraordinary cooling solution (card is entirely encased)
+ TV-In & TV-Out (with special Leadtek WinFast PVR recording software)
+ Video editing software (newest version)
+ Leadtek Tool-Suite WinFox 2.0 (Overclocking, etc.)
+ Software DVD player
+ Color calibration utilities
+ Good games bundle
+ Video cables included
+ 3D rendering software
+ DVI output up to 1600x1200

- Loud, whistling fans
- Heavy card
- Video cables too short

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Leadtek WinFast A350 TD MyVIVO
3D ChipNVIDIA GeForceFX 5900
Memory128 MB DDR (256bit), Hynix 22
Memory SpecsMax. Clock Rate: 900 MHz (DDR)
Clock Rate (Chip/Memory)400 / 850 MHz (DDR)
Hardware FeaturesVideo-In & OutCard housed in aluminum casing
Fan Noise59.5 dB
SoftwareWinFox 2.0WinFast PVRUlead Video Studio 6 SE DVDCool 3D SEColoreal Visual / Embedded / BrightColorific True InternetCult3DWinFast DVDBig Mutha TruckersGunmetal