VGA Card Buyer's Guide 07/2003


The clock speeds of the ASUS V9560 Video Suite differ from the specified reference clock speed. In the following graphs, we show the performance of the card compared to a standard FX 5600.

Conclusion: The ASUS V9560 Video Suite follows in the footsteps of ASUS' old deluxe cards without, however, coming close to matching their extras. The video functions of the MSI VTDR cards are much more user-friendly and feature-rich. The V9560, on the other hand, offers a higher memory clock, which enhances 3D performance.

+ Hardware monitoring
+ Memory clock speed faster than NVIDIA's reference specification
+ TV-in & out - with special ASUS recorder (DigitalVCR)
+ DVD player software
+ ASUS tools collection
+ Video-editing software
+ Good game bundle
+ Two DVI-outs with adapter; one port supports DVI display up to 1600x1200 (UXGA)

- Fan somewhat loud in standard running mode (see text)
- No video cable

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ASUS V9560 Video Suite
3D ChipNVIDIA GeForceFX 5600
Memory128 MB DDR (128 bit), Samsung 3.3ns
Memory SpecsMax. Clock Rate: 600 MHz (DDR)
Clock Rate (Chip/Memory)325 / 600 MHz (DDR)
Hardware FeaturesVideo-In & -OutHardware MonitoringMemory clocked higher2 DVI-out with 1x UXGA
Fan Noise54.5 dB
SoftwareASUS DVDASUS ToolsammlungPowerDirector 2.5Medi@Show SE 2.0VR AquariumMorrowindRainbow Six - Rogue SpearWorms BlastDemo CD