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Best Deals on Tech and PC Hardware 2020: CPUs, SSDs, PCs and More

Best Deals on Tech and PC Hardware
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)
Best Deals on Tech and PC Hardware

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

1. Hottest Deals Overall
2. Monitor Deals
3. SSD Deals
4. CPU Deals
5. GPU Deals
6. Peripherals & More

Though Amazon Prime Day 2020 has ended, it's still a good time to find the best deals on tech. The major tech retailers, from Amazon to Newegg to Dell and Lenovo, have many sales every day of the year, and some are better than what you find on Prime Day or Black Friday. 

Whether you're building a PC , hankering for an upgrade, looking for one of the best gaming PCs or just hoping to find one of the best gaming monitors on a big on a big sale, we're here to help. To help you save, we're rounding up the very best deals on tech and hardware below, from internal components such as CPUs to peripherals, prebuilt desktops and even gadgets. 

Be sure to check back often as we update this page every single day. Also, see our dedicated pages on the best monitor deals, best SSD deals, best laptop deals and best gaming PC deals.

If you're looking for the best hardware regardless of what's on sale, also check out our lists of the best CPUs, best SSDs, best graphics cards, best motherboards, best RAM, best PSUs and best PC cases.  

How to Tell a Deal from a Dud

We've checked all the best deals on tech below to ensure they provide valuable savings and notable discounts. But what if you see a product on sale and are wondering if it's really worth pulling the trigger?

We always recommend using third-party tools to both check previous prices and compare them with different sellers. Google Shopping and PCPartPicker are two of our favorite applications to check prices between vendors.

Amazon shoppers can use the website CamelCamelCamel and its Camelizer Chrome extension to see a product's price history. This will give you an idea of the average price and whether or not the current offer is an actual deal.

Best Deals on Tech Overall

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse: was $79, now $35 @Amazon
This RGB gaming mouse from Logitech is discounted to just $35 at Amazon. It has over 20 buttons that can be programmed with custom functions.View Deal

Mushkin Enhanced RAW 500GB: was $58, now $49 @Newegg
This SSD is usually priced at $58 but is currently $9 off via Newegg. It has a 3.5" form factor and 500GB storage capacity.View Deal

Corsair Void RGB Elite: was $79, now $58 @Amazon
This gaming headset from Corsair features RGB LEDs and uses 50mm audio drivers. It's currently discounted by 27% on Amazon.View Deal

Crucial P2 500GB M.2: was $69, now $59 @Newegg
This SSD from Crucial has read/write speeds as fast as 2400/1900 MBps. This offer is for the 500GB edition and is set to expire on Sunday, October 18th.View Deal

SAMSUNG C43J890 43" Curved Super Ultra-Wide: was $799, now $744 @Newegg
The C43J890 spans 43 inches across corner to corner and features a curved panel design. It's available for $749 at Newegg.View Deal

HP Pavilion IPS, Intel Core i5: was $899, now $749 @Newegg
This laptop features an Intel Core i5-10300H processor and a GTX 1650 Ti GPU. It's usually priced around $899, but you can pick one up today for just $749 at Newegg.View Deal

XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop: was $1709, now $1399 @Dell
The XPS 13 is $310 off via Dell. It has a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 15GB of RAM and a 512GB internal SSD. It comes with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit pre-installed.View Deal

Corsair One i145 Compact: was $2899, now $2399 @BestBuy
This Mini-ITX small form computer still packs a decent amount of power for its frame, coming with an Intel Core i7-9700K processor, GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPU, 32GB of RAM and 2TB HDD. It's also got RGB built directly into its case.View Deal

ABS Gladiator Gaming PC: was $1599 now $1299 @Newegg
The ABS Gladiator is a good all-around setup that has the bonus of coming with a wired Gamdias mouse and keyboard combo as well as a copy of Marvel's Avengers. It has an Intel Core i9-9700K, an RTX 2070 Super GPU, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.View Deal

Microsoft Surface Book 3: was $2499, now $2284 @Amazon
Save more than $20 on the latest Surface laptop model with Intel10th-Gen Core i7 CPU, 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD. Battery life lasts up to 11.5 hours. View Deal

Best Monitor Deals

SAMSUNG S22E450D 22-inch: was $129, now $99 @Newegg
This monitor has a Full HD resolution @60Hz. It’s nothing too crazy spec-wise, but for just $99 it will get the job done for most of your modern display needs. Use promo code 26GTPRD32 for this offer. View Deal

Acer Nitro VG270U 27-inch: was $369, now $279 @Newegg
This monitor from Acer has a 2K resolution that measures up to 2560 x 1440. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz and accepts both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.View Deal

LG Electronics 27BK400H-B: was $157, now $139 @Amazon
This 27-inch monitor from LG has an FHD resolution @ 60Hz. It uses a VGA interface and is currently available for $139 at Amazon.View Deal

LG 32UL950-W 32" 4K Ultrafine: was $1299, now $970 @Amazon
This 32-inch screen has a 4K resolution @ 60Hz. It’s an Ultrafine display with a discount of more than $200.View Deal

Gigabyte G27F 27-inch 144Hz monitor: was $249, now $209
This IPS display has a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, plus AMD FreeSync Premium. With 1080p resolution, it's equipped for high-end gaming.View Deal

LG 34GK950F-B 144 HzMonitor: was $900, now $796 @Amazon
This curved gaming monitor from LG spans 34" across and features an IPS panel. It has a 3440 x 1440 resolution at 144Hz. It's usually listed around $1199 but is available today for $796.View Deal

Samsung 27" Class Curved LED: was $269, now $209 @Walmart
The LC27F591FDNXZA features an 1800R curve and a Full HD resolution. It spans 27" across and is LED-backlit.View Deal

Best SSD Deals

Western Digital WD Blue SN550 1TB: was $129, now $99 @Newegg
This internal SSD has a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. You can lock in this deal with promo code 93XPW25.View Deal

Mushkin Enhanced RAW Series 2.5" 500GB: was $58, now $49 @Newegg
This SSD is usually priced at $58 but is currently $9 off via Newegg. It has a 3.5" form factor and 500GB storage capacity.View Deal

Patriot VPN100 M.2 2280 1TB: was $154, now $131 @Newegg
According to PCPartPicker, this is a new low for the Patron VPN100 M.2 internal SSD. It has a 1TB storage capacity with read/write speeds up to 3450/3000 MBps.View Deal

SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO: was $279, now $189 @Amazon
Take 1TB with you on the go using this offer from Amazon on the SanDisk 1TB Extreme Pro external SSD. It's currently discounted with $90 off.View Deal

Seagate FireCuda 520 M.2 1TB: was $238, now $199 @Newegg
This internal Seagate SSD uses a PCIe Gen 4 x4 interface and has a 1TB storage capacity. It’s currently marked down to $199 through Newegg.View Deal

Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB: was $129, now $89 @Amazon
The Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB should be the bare minimum that casual gamers would want inside their systems.View Deal

Samsung 970 Evo 1TB: was $179, now $149 @ Amazon
This is an older drive that we gave 3.5 stars in 2018, when we published our Samsung 970 EVO SSD review. However, if you're looking for a big piece of storage on the cheap, this is worth considering—especially since it's selling for cheaper than ever. View Deal

Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB: was $499, now $289 @Amazon
The Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB might the ultimate SSD for high-end and workstation systems if money is no object. At $299, though, money becomes much less of a concern given its hefty capacity. View Deal

Crucial P1 1TB M.2: was $119, now $104 @Newegg
This Crucial P1 internal SSD has a maximum storage capacity of 1TB. It has an M.2 form factor, so you won't need much space, just an open port. You can pick it up on Newegg for just $104 right now.View Deal

WD SN750 500GB: was $79, now $62 @Amazon
This SSD uses an M.2 interface and has a 500GB storage capacity. It is not compatible with SATA ports, you need a vacant M.2 slot to use it. The SN750 features a data transfer rate of 3430 Mbps.View Deal

Best CPU Deals

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X: was $329, now $219 @Newegg
With a max-boost frequency of 4.3 GHz, this CPU is more than ready to take on some processing. You will need an AM4 socket type to use this chip. It supports DDR4 and comes with a Wraith Prism cooler.View Deal

Peripherals & More

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse: was $79, now $35 @Amazon
This RGB gaming mouse from Logitech is discounted to just $35 at Amazon. It has over 20 buttons that can be programmed with custom functions.View Deal

EVGA SuperNOVA 850W 80 Plus Gold: was $159, now $139 @Amazon
This power supply is an 840W PSU with an 80 Plus Gold certification for energy efficiency. You can currently pick it up on Amazon for just $139.View Deal

OLOy WarHawk RGB 16GB: was $79, now $62 @Newegg
This kit of RAM from OLOy has two 8GB sticks of DDR4. It’s available today on Newegg for just %21 percent off.View Deal

Corsair Void RGB Elite: was $79, now $58 @Amazon
This gaming headset from Corsair features RGB LEDs and uses 50mm audio drivers. It's currently discounted by 27% on Amazon.View Deal

EVGA Z10 RGB Gaming Keyboard: was $199, now $94 @Newegg
This RGB keyboard features backlit keys that can be customized. It uses Kailh mechanical Blue switches. You can save a total of $105 using this offer from Newegg.View Deal

Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra: was $249, now $192 @Amazon
The Live Gamer Ultra GC553 can record 1080p at 60 fps, 1080p at 120 fps, 1440p at 60 fps, and 2160 (4K) at 30 fps and has a USB 3.0 connection for zero-latency captures. It also supports 4K passthrough at 60 fps. View Deal

Avermedia Portable 2 Plus: was $159, now $139 @Amazon
The Portable 2 Plus GC513 can capture and stream content up to 1080p at 60 fps and supports 4K passthrough. That means it will work with all existing and upcoming gaming consoles and PCs - but it doesn't record 4K. It's currently out of stock until October 18th, but you can still buy it on discount, and it will ship out to you when stock replenishes.View Deal

Logitech G102 Gaming Mouse: was $39, now $32 @Newegg
The Logitech G102 gaming mouse has a total of six buttons and a scroll wheel. It's a wired, USB device and uses an optical sensor.View Deal

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P: was $29, now $24 @Amazon
This headset uses 40mm speakers and connects using a 3.5mm jack. You can pick them up at Amazon right now for just $24.View Deal

  • tennis2
    Ya know how I know this article is sponsored by Amazon?

    Because NONE of these are good deals. They're just average, everyday prices.
  • shadowsun86
    The deals are pretty mediocre right now. Still waiting to see if rtx is gonna drop in price. The rest of deals look so average
  • Blacksad999
    Those are terrible "deals". $10 off or so is not a bargain. I mean, it beats a sharp stick in the eye, but for a special sale day, not too impressed.
  • Alvar "Miles" Udell
    The only good deals I've seen are:

    Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB for $300, though B&H Photo has the better deal as they give tax back on their store card, which can be higher than the 5% Amazon gives on theirs.

    Samsung 870 QVO 4TB at Amazon has a 25% cash back total offer, bringing it down to $337.50, or $84/TB.

    WD Red Plus 10TB NAS HDD for $189 at Newegg.

    Nintendo, XBOX, and Playstation cash cards 25% cash back total at Amazon today.

    Otherwise it's all pretty mediocre so far.
  • Matt_ogu812
    Yep it's a sale for people who don't know better.
  • jeremyj_83
    ADATA 8200 Pro 1TB is going for $107.99 which isn't bad lately. For the last few months it has been in the $125-135 range.
  • DookieDraws
    Yeah, I don't see many good deals at all. Not great deals on Newegg, either.

    What a waste of time this has been.
  • Giroro
    I don't know why you guys are so down on this stuff. These are some pretty decent deals for people who would enjoy several-dollar discounts on obsolete clearance items, paying half off an "original price" that is double msrp, paying a subscription fee to use physical spyware built by a company that explicitly pays people to review private recordings taken from always-on microphones and cameras... And don't even get me started on that awesome Razer stereo headset that is physically incapable of playing 7.1 sound.

    My point is the $120 SSD I was going to buy regardless is $4 cheaper today than it was 2 weeks ago, and $7 cheaper than it was 2 months ago. So this is the first time ever I've bought anything on Prime day. I'm very thrilled to be getting a "64% off original price" prime day exclusive deal ™
  • jwcrellin
    The Oloy RAM is back up to 52.

    Amazon had a lot of door buster sales that only lasted 12 hours.